Many New Zealand children go to school hungry everyday.

Many more children have diets lacking the essential amino acids, vitamins and minerals required for healthy physiological and cognitive development. It is extremely difficult for these children to concentrate on an empty stomach.

A high protein/fat diet can also mean that we have overweight children who are suffering from amino acid, vitamin and mineral malnutrition.

New Zealand Childhood Nutrition Statistic
1/5 children in New Zealand live in a household without access to enough food

Numerous studies done in both New Zealand and overseas have demonstrated a strong link between nutrition and learning. These studies have shown the benefits of restoring nutrition to the appropriate level in school children.

What was needed was a long shelf life, ready-to-eat, affordable supplementary food that made up the nutritional deficiencies evident in the diets of children across New Zealand.

So, the Amigo Bar was invented.
Amigo Bar Strawberry & Apple

The Amigo bar contains all the essential amino acids, vitamins and minerals to support
healthy growth and brain development.

Created by the Sir Ray Avery Foundation, the Amigo Bar is New Zealand’s first ‘5 star’ rated supplementary food bar specifically formulated for children aged 4 - 14

The key challenge was to get the Amigo Bar right, and to do that, the Sir Ray Avery Foundation went straight to the consumers - the children.

One of the hidden problems facing many parents today is that kids don’t like healthy foods and often have a very low number of foods they enjoy.

So, we have spent a whole lot of time engaging with hundreds of school children getting their input at every stage of the Amigo Bar development.

The children have made all the decisions - from the Amigo Bar name and logo design, to selecting and blind taste testing the flavours and formulation.

And what did they think? How do Amigo bars taste?

“Like a rainbow”
- Poppy, aged 4

The Amigo Bar was developed by children, for children.

As well as appealing to children’s taste buds and delivering balanced nutrition, Amigo Bars are also ‘tooth friendly’ using sugar derived from sugar beet and incorporate a number of scientifically proven functional foods to turn hangry kids into happy kids.

Amigo bars Kids Collage
The quality of the food our children eat will determine their future in more ways than anything else.
- Ted Manson

On the 27th of June we will be launching our Amigo Bar School Program

We will provide free samples of the Amigo Bars together with our Amigo Bar School pack to schools which provides educational material to improve awareness of good nutrition choices.

Through the generosity of the Ted Manson Foundation the Amigo Bars will be launched into schools together with an Amigo Bar information pack which provides educational material to improve awareness of good nutrition choices.

We have been overwhelmed with requests from Schools asking us to supply Amigo Bars to children in need.

For around a dollar a day we can provide school children with Amigo bars to ensure they have essential nutrition required to promote healthy growth and brain development and become great New Zealanders.

We want to turn hangry faces into happy faces.

Thank you to our sponsors